Portland SEO Social Media Management for Your Business

Just about every business is Googling themselves nowadays because they realize they are also Googled, so they need a good SEO Portland company. Have you ever Googled your company, but do not like what you see? Then you are not alone. All things considered, what you see is the very same thing your prospects and clients would see. You may persistently not react to negative remarks about your business.

But, how do your customers view you? It is a known fact that as much as 80 percent of website visitors made the decision not to buy based on bad reviews they’ve seen. Furthermore, due to stiffer competition than ever before, more and more business owners see the need for Portland SEO Social Media Management.

Why Your Online Reputation is So Important for Your Business

It is critical for your business to have a solid online reputation. Especially, with the immense and continually growing population looking online to assess companies, checking reviews and paying attention to any comments made about you on one or the other top social media platform. Any bad rapport can significantly affect your target audience’s intend to purchase from you.

This is the fundamental reason you should keep track of your online activities and nip any negative feedback in the bud with an immediate and timely response. You should act promptly to deliver useful material that will position you, your business as well as any products you have in a favorable light.

The Importance of Monitoring Your Social Reach

Studies indicated that as much as 78 percent of Internet clients would be involved in online research. 80 percent of these would have a change of heart in going ahead with their purchase once they have seen a negative remark.

Unfortunately, most businesses are at the mercy of online critics. On the other hand, it allows you to utilize the negative comments and use it to boost your reputation. This is made possible through Social Media Management as it enables you to promote your positive reviews to the extent that it overshadow any negative ones.

Additionally, as many as 44 percent of mature online visitors made it their business to gather information about professionals such as an electrician, plumber or doctor before doing business with them.

By using the services of reputed Online Marketing professionals such as Moving Mountains Advisors, you can be the first one to optimize their initial introduction on the web.

Now is your chance to secure a consultation with search engine marketing specialists and prevent critics from spoiling the reputation of professional business people like yourself.

Type of Online Services Provided by SEO Experts in Portland

  • Boost Positive Reviews by gathering and submitting positive reviews about your brand, product, and services via social media, blogs, etc. These are presented to authoritative web properties to surpass any negative surveys, posted to the search engines. The main aim is to suppress any negative views and boost positive remarks made about your company.


  • Social Media Optimization – Facebook and Twitter are among the best social media networks around. Moving Mountains Advisors will design the best personal profile for your business page. They know what is needed to optimize your page designs and get you the attention you deserve through group discussions, and more. Their expert team will focus on your account URL by bringing it in line with your brand.


  • Turbo Charging Your Social Network – They will put your SMO profile on steroids. It is a process that will be repeated to boost your social media presence to the extent that it bursts with all sorts of activity to enhance your online reputation. In addition to group discussions and update, they will also secure followers for your organization.


  • Other services that will form part of the type of the online services provided would include Analysis and Research, Content Creation as well as Backlink Analysis to see what your competitors are up to.

Moving Mountains Advisors will dissect your various online activities for business and create a tailor-made campaign to put to best use any branding methods you already have in place. In light of this analysis, they will come up with extra posts and utilize various micro sites for you to rank on the first page of popular search engines.