Should One Tame the Recoil of Your Rifle by Using Muzzle Brakes?

Would you believe it if we told you that during the 50s men didn’t want to wear earrings? That is not all, they also refused to cry and refrained from helping with house chores. As you can very well imagine, they would dare make use of muzzle brakes for AR either. All that is a thing of the past. Many shooters will not tolerate recoil now.

This is why muzzle brakes are getting more than the usual respect. Many swear by them. Others would swear for different reasons. Mainly as they are not prepared to cope with the loud noise coming from a fellow shooter who have brakes installed. However, there is no question in the minds of those who went to the trouble of obtaining high-quality muzzle brake for sale such as the Triple-Port Muzzle Brakes designed by MadHouse Design to lessen felt recoil by as much as 45 percent while having no negative impact on accuracy levels.

Here is how it goes down:

  • Powder gas would go down the barrel and away from the shooter.
  • The force that originates from the gas will propel the bullet forward and create an equal force that drives backward.
  • The rifle would grind its way into your shoulder and cause a lot of pain and sheer discomfort.

Muzzle brakes, on the other, can redirect the force of the gas elsewhere. You may want to compare it to someone who was commissioned to sit on their buttocks for a long time until such time where they start experiencing a burning sensation. At this point, they would lift one buttock off the ground as they want to experience relief. In the same way, a muzzle brake would propel gas upwards to reduce muzzle rise, or by when it directs gasses sideward, the recoil would be reduced.

How Would You Define a Muzzle Brake?

It is a steel tube that is slightly larger in diameter than the barrel of your gun. A gunsmith would either make the brake a permanent fixture, or you could just screw it onto the muzzle itself. Within the tube, there are a few smaller holes to let the gas to go out. Some of the designs are formed in a clamshell shape that features slots rather than holes. You will find that the brakes with holes are chambered for a .50 BMG.

One chap experienced the advantages of utilizing a brake when he got involved in some shooting practice using his .300 Winchester that was fitted with a muzzle brake. At first, he felt a little awkward. Almost as if he was saddled with a .22 rifle, but then he got used to it and loved the improvements he experienced regarding accuracy levels. The only annoying part was the smoke traveling all the way rearward into his nose.

It sure is heartwarming to find that brakes can make your rifle more accurate due to the reduction in recoil that minimizes shooter tremors and barrel vibrations.

What you need to look out for before fitting your firearm with a muzzle brake:

Before you go out to get your firearm equipped with a muzzle brake take note of the fact that it may lengthen your barrel longer by as much as 3-inches more.

Certain models may alter the way your rifle shoots and have an impact on your accuracy levels to the point where it turns you into an incompetent shot.

Additional noise levels due to the blast traveling towards you rather than away from you. Also, It may damage your hearing unless you fit a good pair of earmuffs.

In spite of some of the downfalls, there are all sorts of benefits to making use of muzzle brakes that outweighs some of the disadvantages noted over here.

In our opinion, it pays to settle for top quality brands like MadHouse Design’s Triple-Port Muzzle Brakes as it:

  • Evenly distributes the gas through three precision ports.
  • Actually, reduces recoil with a minimal muzzle jump and blow back.
  • Ensures minimal exposure to dust thank to the solid bottom of the triple-port range.
  • Enables one to obtain an uninterrupted view of your target.
  • Guarantees an optimal fit and alignment thanks to the Mil-spec single point CNC machined threads.

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