What Makes an Ideal Invisalign Dentist Candidate in Grants Pass Oregon?

Is it any wonder that Invisalign popularity increases yearly? It is easy to see why. The orthodontic treatment gets celebrated as one of the most enjoyable solutions to bite correction and tooth alignment.

That is why Invisalign removable aligners are renowned for fixing smiles the world over. However, Invisalign is not seen as the best option for everybody. Due to this, it is suggested you consult with an Invisalign dentist in Grants Pass to determine the right fit for you.

To make things a lot easier, we composed a list of issues you need to consider.

The Severity of Bite and Misalignment

One of the most significant determining factors to establish if you are a good candidate for Invisalign would be the severity of your bite. Difficulties like a massive overbite may call for a more advanced form of orthodontic treatment to sufficiently shift the jaw. Invisalign is not capable of handling this.

For as long as the case isn’t too bad, Invisalign would treat the following:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Crossbite

Your Maturity Level

While Invisalign might be ideally suited for adults and older teens, younger teens and kids are not always seen as the ideal candidates. The primary reason is that their teeth are still growing. Furthermore, they may not have a high enough maturity level needed for this kind of treatment.

Younger children are inclined to take the aligners out too often. Unlike their adult counterparts, they would get extremely frustrated once the aligners feel sore or uncomfortable. As a result, they would become discouraged and remove these at times, which would slow down the progress of their treatment, and may even damage their teeth.

Children love playing, which makes them candidates for damaging their aligners that would eventually reverse the treatment procedure. It is crucial to establish the maturity levels of your kids before opting for orthodontic treatment.

Commit to Your Smile

Anyone who chooses Invisalign treatment should be wholeheartedly committed to achieving a stunning smile. If you are not, then you will most likely remove the Invisalign, which is discouraged as it would curtail the treatment procedure.

You would have to remove the aligners when eating or drinking, except for when you consume water.

The aligners must stay in your mouth for 22 hours of the day. Simply put, if you are not dedicated to the cause, the aligners will not work. It might be challenging to do, but the result is well worth it.

Speak to Your Orthodontist

Do not be overly concerned if your case proves to be too severe to fit Invisalign. There are various treatment options around such as clear braces or metal braces.

Your Grants Pass dentist will be happy to consult with you regarding alternative treatment options. Dental patients who opt for Invisalign have to determine if they are good candidates for orthodontic treatment, either for themselves or their older teenage kids.

This is a great start, especially if you allow a professional person to assist you with your final assessment.

The most significant benefit to opting for clear Invisalign is the fact they offer a lower profile for those who want to straighten their teeth, but doing so discreetly. This is especially useful for adult patients who do not fancy the idea of looking like a teenager with a mouth that shines metal.

Some do not mind clear braces as these too blend in well with your teeth. Brackets, on the other hand, are still noticeable. Perhaps the most significant advantages that make that most people prefer Invisalign is that these are removable.

Further to that, you do not have to change your diet or oral care routine. However, with ceramic braces, you will struggle to keep your teeth clean. What is more, you’ll have to stay away from some foods to avoid damaging the brackets. It takes a lot of discipline to wear a set of Invisalign aligners as you would have to wear it for approximately two weeks for most of the day.

To obtain the best results, you need to wear these in line with instructions provided by your dental specialist. You would have to visit your Grants Pass orthodontist once a month for an adjustment when you make use of clear braces.